Aluminum Fractals

By DarthFractals

SERIES 1 Live onAVAX !!

Aluminum Fractals is a derivative project of my 3D renders. I use a couple renders and transmute them into new art while retaining some aspects of the original 1/1 they are based off of. Breathing new life into some previous works and creating an aluminum print to display at home.

Why have just a digital file when you can have a lasting work of art to display for others!

This project is an endeavor I set out on early 2022, stepping out of mostly an auction based model to a larger scale project.

I hope to inspire others and provide an artwork that starts conversation and allows the mind to get lost in abstract images!

Project Info

Aluminum Fractals is a collection of fractal art with each piece including an aluminum print.

Each piece is edited and selected individually with a special 1/1 included in each release.

Each set's 1/1 is a sort of genesis piece that each set is based off.

Owning the genesis piece gives you an airdrop from each new series released.

Each set will have roughly 50-75 items including the genesis piece.

These artworks will be released in series on AVAX and FTM.

Each mint will include the metal print in the cost but shipping will need to be covered.

Physical artwork claims can be done via email ( or here

Technical Details

Each item will include a 8x10 inch aluminum print.

The genesis item will be printed at a larger size of 11x14 inches.

Larger print sizes available for an extra cost and can be determined while claiming.

The aluminum prints take about 1-2 weeks to be created and are made when claimed by the token owner.

Aluminum prints are scratch and fade resistant under normal lighting conditions and rated for 100+ years.