Act 1: Discovery and Exploration

Dr. Everett James is a renowned mathematician and physicist who has dedicated his life to studying the properties of fractals and the possibilities of extra-dimensional travel. In the year 3333, the Dr. and his AI assistant Aria finalized  the  development of a revolutionary dimensional gate technology, which they used to open a portal to the fractal universe.

During their first exploratory mission, Dr. James stumbled upon a vast network of interconnected worlds, which they later named "The Lost Worlds." Over the next several years, Dr. James led multiple expeditions to explore and study these worlds, making groundbreaking discoveries in mathematics, physics, and the nature of reality.

The Forest of Eternity

The first Lost World to be discovered in the year 3333 by Dr. Everett James.
This Lost World is filled with lush, verdant forests and sparkling lakes. It's said to be home to ancient ruins and artifacts, hinting at long-lost civilizations that thrived within the fractals. Explorers who have ventured into this realm have returned with stories of encountering peaceful, friendly creatures that inhabit the forest. 


.The second Lost World to be discovered by Dr. Everett James was named Luminaria. Its a world of advanced technology and awe-inspiring architecture, with gleaming skyscrapers reaching towards the heavens. The buildings are made of shimmering, iridescent materials that seem to change color depending on the angle of the sun. Everywhere you look, there are holographic displays and advertisements, each one more vivid and eye-catching than the last.

The centerpiece of Luminaria is a massive tower that rises up into the sky, its tip seemingly touching the clouds above. It is said that at the top of the tower lies the source of Luminaria's power, a mysterious device that harnesses the energy of the sun and powers the entire metropolis.

The Radiant Nexus

The Radiant Nexus is a world of wavy rings that arc gracefully around a dying red star. The rings themselves are composed of a mix of materials, including ice, rock, and minerals, which give them a range of colors from pale blue on the outermost sides to rich orange and greens. The waves in the rings create a striking visual effect, with peaks rising and falling across the expanse of the planet.

Despite the dying star at its center, the Radiant Nexus is a world of abundant life. The rings are home to a variety of creatures, ranging from tiny micro-organisms to massive, floating beasts that glide through the gaps between the rings. The star's dying energy has been harnessed by the planet's inhabitants to power a complex network of biospheres and habitats throughout the rings.

As you approach the Radiant Nexus, the rings appear to glow with an otherworldly light, as the star's final emissions interact with the planet's atmosphere. The effect is both beautiful and eerie, and has given the planet a reputation as a place of great mystical power. This world was discovered by the Luminarians eons ago. The origins of this manufactured planet and when it was formed is unknown.

The Dr. with the aide of the Luminarians discovered The Radiant Nexus in 3334